Tenets of Home Ownership

Adam Di Angelo
2 min readJul 2, 2018


There are nine essentials in choosing a home. While the hierarchy is up to the individual, each category captures a vital criterion to promote enduring happiness and well-being.


Cost of entry can be managed. You have enough money in your bank account to buy a home, and you’ll have something left over after just in case — and there is always a case.


The house is in good repair or can be made so without compromising its affordability. The roof is solid, the windows and doors insulated, plumbing works, screws are tight, and the structure is sound.


Enduring materials (brick, stone, hardwood), fine details (tilework, leaded glass, original hardware, custom millwork), good design and layout (high ceilings, cosy nooks, vaulted masonry) are the things that elevate a building to a work of art.


The cost of continued living and the opportunity to make money (job opportunities) as needed are in balance. If these costs are low enough, there may be no need to earn anything.


Freedom from theft, natural damages, comfortable area in which to walk about throughout the day and night.


Be within walking distance of a good coffee shop and a stocked grocery store. Access to some public transportation options without needing to get in the car.


Change the layout and the shape. Add or remove rooms. Families can change, your home should be able to accommodate that.


The ability to resell the property without difficulty.


An engaging social setting — kind and friendly people with common motivations. The presence of living arts and culture. Nature. Those things that inspire the mind, body, and bring an overall sense of wellness.



Adam Di Angelo